We request donations that we can pass along to our clients or use in our daily operations. See below for a specified list. If you’re not sure or if you have a large donation, please feel free to call ahead of time so that we can schedule volunteers to help unload & sort, 912.232.1033

Donations Requested:

*Clothing (must be in good condition by law & in-season due to limited storage space)
*Clothing Accessories (belts, shoes, NEW socks, NEW underwear, etc.)
*Travel-Size Hygiene Items (deodorant, disposable razors, toothbrush/paste, body wash, etc. except for mouthwash)

*Large-Size Hygiene Items for Oasis: body wash, shampoo, conditioner
*Food (non-expired and non-perishable. Pop-tops or can-openers are great for our homeless clients
*Financial (all contributions are tax deductible; checks made payable to: “Savannah Baptist Center”)
*Bibles (we keep our lobby and sanctuary stocked to use as gifts for our clients)
*Paper Goods (plates, cups, Styrofoam take-out containers, forks, spoons, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.)
*Janitorial Supplies (glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectants, trash bags, etc.)
*Gift cards (Walmart/SAM’s, Gas Cards, Home Depot, Amazon, Kroger etc.)
*CAT Bus Tickets (Day passes)

Items we CAN NOT Accept: (due to lack of space)                                                                                    *Furniture
*Household Items (curtains, pillows, decorations, etc)
*Kitchen Utensils (cutlery, pots, pans, etc)
*Books & Toys

*Car seats

*Meats or cold grocery items (unless previously arranged)

Donations are appreciated Mon-Thurs 9:30am-3:00pm. Please call ahead for large donations so that we can schedule volunteers to unload and sort. Thank you!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a current list of needs, or feel free to email or